Roadway Safety Warning System Functional Area


Monitors for potential safety hazards including wrong way drivers, debris on the road, and adverse road conditions (e.g., standing water, icy conditions) and warns approaching vehicles of potential hazards.

Included In

Local City Field Equipment
Yakima Field Equipment
Yakima County Field Equipment

Functional Requirements

1The field element shall collect safety data from passing vehicles including location, vehicle motion (speed, heading, acceleration), vehicle control (brakes, steering, throttle, exterior lights), and additional vehicle status (anti-lock brake activation, stability control activation).
2The field element shall collect data from sensors and surveillance equipment to monitor environmental conditions, stopped or wrong way vehicles, roadway debris, or other potentially hazardous conditions.
3The field element shall process the collected data to identify potential hazards.
4The field element shall provide warnings to passing vehicles using field-vehicle communications.
5The field element shall support remote monitoring and control by an authenticated center.