Inventory by Entity

The inventory is made up of the transportation and communications centers, the field equipment, the vehicles, and other systems in the regional transportation system. In the National ITS Architectures, "entities" are the subsystems and terminators that generally represent the systems in ITS. The following table sorts the inventory by National ITS Architecture entity. This sorts elements that perform similar functions together, so elements of a particular type can be easily identified.

Archived Data ManagementYVCOG Data Warehouse
Emergency ManagementLocal Public Safety Dispatch
WSP District 3 Communications Center
Yakima County Fire Communications Center
Yakima County Sheriff Dispatch
Yakima Public Safety Communications Center
Emergency Telecommunications SystemYakima Public Safety Communications Center
Emergency VehicleLocal Public Safety Vehicles
Yakima County Public Safety Vehicles
Emissions ManagementYVCOG Emission Management
Information Service ProviderPrivate ISP Centers
Maintenance and Construction ManagementLocal Maintenance and Construction Operations Management
Maintenance and Construction VehicleLocal Maintenance and Construction Operations Vehicles
YVCOG Emission Management
Personal Information AccessPersonal Devices
RoadwayLocal City Field Equipment
WSDOT Field Equipment
Yakima County Field Equipment
Yakima Field Equipment
Traffic ManagementLocal City Traffic Operations Center
Yakima County Traffic Operations
Yakima Traffic Operations Center
Transit ManagementLocal City Transit Center
People For People Paratransit Dispatch
Yakima Transit Center
Transit VehicleLocal City Transit Vehicles
People For People Paratransit Vehicles
Yakima Transit Vehicles