The Regional ITS Architecture provides a starting point for project definition. It provides an overall framework that shows how anticipated projects will integrate with each other and with existing systems. This page lists all the ITS projects that have been mapped to the regional ITS architecture.

County: Butterfield Road and Terrace Heights Drive IntersectionPlanned Install traffic signal at Butterfield Road and Terrace Heights Drive Intersection.
Selah: Southern Avenue SignalsPlanned Signalize at Southern Avenue and 1st Street
Sunnyside: 13th St @ East Edison Avenue Traffic SignalPlanned Install new traffic signal and intersection improvements.
Sunnyside: 9th St and East Edison SignalPlanned  
Sunnyside: East Edison Avenue Railroad SignalPlanned Install new railroad crossing signal on East Edison Avenue
Union Gap: S 10th Ave and Pioneer St SignalPlanned Improve intersection and signalization at Pioneer Street
Union Gap: South 10th Ave - North/South ConnectorPlanned Signalization at Pioneer Street
Union Gap: Valley Mall and Goodman Road SignalPlanned Install new signal at Valley Mall Boulevard and Goodman Road intersection
Wapato: Intersection Improvement West 1st StPlanned West 1st Street and Ahtanum Avenue or Wasco Avenue - Install new traffic control signal
Wapato: Intersection Traffic Control Signal - Camas StPlanned Install a traffic control signal at the intersection of Camas and Keppler Way or 9th Street
WSDOT: I-82 Yakima Vicinity ITSFuture2021-2025Reduce collisions and enable congestion management by installing 2 camperas, 8 data stations, and extend fiber optic mainline from previous project, filling a coverage gap, replace obsolete radios.
WSDOT: Microwave Build-out to Satus PassFuture2017-2021Extend microwave backbone up from the Yakima Valley towards Satus Pass to allow for expansion of rural ITS.
WSDOT: PTZ Cameras and CommFuture2021-2025Replace 1 camera and add 1 camera at existing VMS. Add communication.
WSDOT: RWIS at Bethel RidgeFuture2021-20251 RWIS, 1 Camera
WSDOT: RWIS at Silver BeachFuture2021-20251 RWIS, 1 Camera
WSDOT: SR241 Rattlesnake Hills to Jct. SR24 ITSFuture2021-2025Install weather station with communications
WSDOT: SR821 Selah to Ellensburg - ITSFuture2021-2025Install weather station and communications
WSDOT: Upgrade Dak ControllersFuture2021-2025Replace obsolete controller with new VFC3000 at Tjossem and Selah VMS's improves reliability and communication.
WSDOT: US 12/Old Naches Hwy Intersection - ITSPlanned Install cameras, variable message sign, road weather information system, data stations, communications system.
WSDOT: US 97/McDonald Rd/Becker Rd IntersectionPlanned Signalize, make safety improvements, and improve turn lanes.
WSDOT: US 97/South of Toppenish - VMSPlanned Install variable message sign just south of Toppenish for drivers about to enter Satus Pass.
WSDOT: US12 Old Naches Highway InterchangePlanned2021-20251 Camera, 1VMS, 0 RWIS, 0 HAR, 2 Data Stations, 1 Communications System
WSDOT: WiMax Build-out through White PlassFuture2017-2021Extend WiMax ITS communication system through White Pass to allow for expansion of rural ITS
Yakima Transit: Transit Signal PriorityPlannedShort termInstalling transit signal priority equipment at major arterial street intersections (approx. 69) within Yakima, Selah, & Union Gap and on Yakima Transit's buses.
Yakima Transit: West Valley Transit CenterPlanned2017-2020Constructing an all-electric transit center in the West Valley Area
Yakima: 1st St and I St signalPlanned Replace and upgrade traffic signal equipment at intersection of 1st Street and I Street.
Yakima: 40th Ave and Englewood signalPlanned Replace traffic signal poles and upgrade controller at 40th Avenue and Englewood intersection
Yakima: 40th Ave and Summitview signalPlanned Upgrade the signal at the intersection of 40th Avenue and Summitview.
Yakima: E Nob Hill and Fair Ave signalPlanned New signal at the intersection of East Nob Hill Boulevard and Yakima Avenue
Yakima: E Yakima Ave and Fair Ave signalPlanned Construct new traffic signal at the intersection of East Yakima Avenue and Fair Avenue
Yakima: Powerhouse Road and Englewood Ave Safety Flashing SignalPlanned Install safety flashing signal at the intersection of Powerhouse Road and Englewood Avenue
Yakima: S 1st St and Washington Ave signalPlanned Upgrade traffic signal at South 1st Street and Washington Avenue
Yakima: S 3rd and Washington Ave signalPlanned Signal upgrade at the intersection of South 3rd Avenue and Washington Avenue
Yakima: S 48th Ave and Summitview signalPlanned New signal at the intersection of South 48th and Summitview Avenues
Yakima: S 72nd Ave and Mead signalExistingExistingNew intersection signal at South 72nd and Mead Avenues