Architecture Scope

Time Frame

Through 2035, with focus on next 10 years.

Geographic Scope

The geographic scope includes all of Yakima County, which coincides with the RTPO boundary and encompasses the MPO planning area. Note that this region is also covered by the broader South Central Regional and Washington State ITS Architectures. These two architectures focus on WSDOT ITS infrastructure, projects, and initiatives. The Yakima Valley Regional ITS Architecture focuses on local agencies and organizations in Yakima Valley, the interfaces between these agencies, and specific local interfaces to the WSDOT South Central Region and other state agencies.  

The Yakima Valley Regional ITS Architecture coincides with the current MPO/RTPO Long Range Transportation Plan 2010-2035, and will focus on a 10 year timeframe.

Service Scope

The Yakima Valley Regional ITS Architecture focuses on traffic management, transit, traveler information, and public safety/emergency management oriented services within Yakima County. Broader state-wide services such as commercial vehicle operations are covered by the Washington State and South Central Regional ITS Architectures.

Related Architectures

Related ArchitectureDescription
South Central Regional ITS ArchitectureThe SCR ITS Architecture was updated in 2006 in conjunction with the development of the ITS Implementation Plan that also covered the North Central and Eastern Regions. The primary outcome for the South Central Region was the identification of 18 priority projects in the region.
Washington State ITS Architecture