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Who Funds the YVCOG?

The funding for the YVCOG comes from a variety of sources. The annual

budget itself is established each January. As allowed under state law,

the YVCOG collects an annual assessment from each of its members.

Each member jurisdiction votes on the local assessments for the up-

coming year. This assessment makes up approximately 14% of the

total YVCOG budget. The remainder of YVCOG operating funds consists

of technical assistance contracts with YVCOG members, state grants,

federal grants, and a small carry-over of funds from the previous year.

Unlike many government agencies, the YVCOG does not receive its

revenues at the beginning of each year. Funding must be generated

to cover costs, while assuring member requested services are being

provided. This balancing act is difficult to maintain, but the effort

meets the goals of keeping assessments low and having each program

pay its own way.


2010 Budget Documents

(amended 9/29/2010)

Below are links to some key documents regarding the 2009 COG budget.

2011 Budget Documents


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